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Which current players do you think we’ll see get a signature series card? If Mad Bum got a card I can see a few others getting the same treatment. 

My predictions: 

Tigers: Miguel Cabrera 

Astros: Justin Verlander

Angels: Mike Trout 

Nationals: Max Scherzer 

Reds: Joey Votto

Cardinals: Albert Pujols

                             Honorable mentions  

Red Sox: Mookie Betts

Giants: Buster Posey

Astros: Jose Altuve


What are your guys thoughts? 


4/20/2019 8:07PM PDT

I think you have a real solid list.....add Kimbrel as a closer, he’s had a long career. Might see a Jansen as well....Chapman?

4/20/2019 8:52PM PDT
See original thread.