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I have a few players in mind but figured I could ask the forum to see if you guys had anyone in mind. 

Obvoiusly I could get that silver chapman for it, but for the most part my pen is good for the event.

The only batters I can really think of are like 

Harrison Bader

Marcell Ozuna

David Freese

TB Logan Forsythe

I'm sure there are much better batters, but I was trying to keep it to where if there was a 75 minimum.

4/20/2019 8:14AM PDT

During the stream they said they would be no cap on the teams. So I'm assmuing we can use who we want. I might rewatch that bit in the stream to make sure, but I'm 90% sure they said that.

4/20/2019 12:45PM PDT
See original thread.