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Current squad:
C- Sanchez
1B - Bellinger
2B - Baez
3B - Chapman
LF - Acuna Jr.
CF - Andruw Jones
RF - Blackmon 

Pitching staff consists of: Oswalt, Snell, Bauer, Carrasco, Morton.
- Clearly need a RF and a SP.  At (currently 71) 75 do I go Kershaw or Ichiro/Kemp?

300 Stars, go Bumgarner or Cabrera, moving Bellinger to RF?
**Glad they made these decisions tougher this year and choosable

4/20/2019 7:41AM PDT

I would take Kersh or Ryan and Madbum . Then I would get Gwynn at Silver 1. How are you hitting with your current outfield ? Pitching seems to be a bit op at higher levels from what I see from some of the top streamers . 

Comment by erniebanks65
4/20/2019 8:11AM PDT

Currently raking with Acuna and Jones, havent used Blackmon since his downgrade.  Ideally, I would like Vlad, but someone else mentioned he should be gettting an SS card which I would go after.  I may go Ichiro / Madbum like others have stated, silver 1 I may go Morgan to lock up my 2B.

4/20/2019 8:44AM PDT
See original thread.