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Wherever you ended up star wise in the 1st inning take 2/3rds of that off and tell me where you'd be at. It's unacceptable

4/20/2019 7:15AM PDT

Where did we lose program stars we were initially receiving?

Comment by HoPeFuL1137
4/20/2019 12:04PM EDT

We used to get 6 stars for winning and 5 for losing a rs game, now we get 3/2 and none at all if your opponent quits. We used to get at least 1 star per conquest game, now it's one every few games. Not sure about vs CPU but I'm sure they nerfed that as well.

Comment by maskedgrappler
4/20/2019 12:11PM EDT

I haven't got stars for like anything outside of doing challenges since like week 1. I just thought my game was broken.  I didn't care about the 5 packs/2500 stubs as much as just getting to 300.  Good to know.  Atleast they give you 60 points for free (conquest/RS games) and a lot of challenges.

Comment by HoPeFuL1137
4/20/2019 12:15PM EDT

All the points are free, you just play the game.  Last Inning was too easy, they needed to make this a little more challenging, if you have time to put in the hours, you should get rewarded, if you don’t, then those players are available on the market and can be bought with zero time investment.  

4/20/2019 9:36AM PDT
See original thread.