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Played a hard fought 9 inning RS game that I lost last night.  Went directly to program to see how many stars I received and it was 2.   

Did they change this?   Is a 9 inning loss 2 stars and a win 3? 

I think we were getting 5 for a loss and 6 for a win previously.   

4/20/2019 6:24AM PDT

I have to believe that this makes SDS think people are going to either spend more money or play more. The end result though is people likely wont spend more money and some will just stop playing. Its stuff like this why I only buy every other year instead of every year.

Comment by CRobby22
4/20/2019 7:21AM PDT

Are they banking on us buying the extra two bosses from the first inning for and locking them in for the 70 point jump start?

4/20/2019 7:31AM PDT
See original thread.