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I love the game to be challenging. The pci size and pitch speeds are perfect rn. But the game is nearly unplayable on legend because good feedback is rewarded way less than it should. Good/ squared up is a lineout most of the time. Games are won or lost on late hits.

I care about this because I've worked hard to get concisten pci placement and good timing. When neither of those things are rewarded it's very frustrating. And sig pitchers are completely unfair. Regardless of input, you won't hit it hard off of a sig pitcher on legend. This game needs to be more input based or the good players will end up leaving the game.

I hope sds comes in with a clutch patch because top players should want to play the game on legend and that is not the case right now.

4/19/2019 6:49PM PDT

Does legend play differently in WS than in Play with friends? 

4/20/2019 1:56PM PDT
See original thread.