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So just had a game like every other game.  Scored 1 run in the first and might as well just set my controller on the floor.  Hitting balls well and they weren't going anywhere.  I struck the opponent out 14 times.  I struck out 3 times but really doesn't matter because you are not scoring until the opponent catches up or his pitcher loses confidence.   Of course I had 3 errors because we have to do what we can to keep Billy in the game.  This keep close bs has to go.  We have different ranks for a reason.  

And to all the blind people that say this doesn't exist it happens every game.  No reason to quit in this game.  The game will give you all kinds of opportunities to make a game of it.  Yea, I won the game but that is not the point.  Point is the way I was hitting and him striking out 14 times, this game shouldn't have been close.  They all are though.

4/19/2019 5:31PM PDT

In my last 16 RS games, there have been 5 errors between me and my opponents. Perhaps you don’t know how to field properly or you’re using crappy fielders.


And after looking at your last game, you have 4 players with mediocre fielding playing out of position. I’d say change that up man. 

4/19/2019 11:25PM PDT
See original thread.