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Is that you guys are sticking to that “defense matters” concept.  That you are completely ignoring the community on this front... NO ... GOOD DEFENSE DOESNT MATTER.  Mike trout and brooks Robinson are my best defenders and they make constant errors on routine plays in their PRIMARY POSITON that is not user error.  So defense does not matter...please just stop saying that.  

Matt Carpenter plays second base as a secondary position better then brooks Robinson plays his primary position.  How does defense matter???

4/19/2019 10:03AM PDT

Funny... well actually not. They fix some things from 18 that needed to be fixed and completely mess up others that were fine. Errors were fine last year. They happened once in a blue and nobody complained about them. Now they are "a thing". I don't get it...

Comment by jreypr
4/19/2019 10:27AM PDT

You might be missing the point to a certain degree.  Last year, people complained becuase the fielders were too good.  J.D Martinez and Nelson Cruz were out there playing gold glove caliber defense.  You could play Gallo at 3B, no problem.  SDS had to adjust, and that is going to result in more errors/poorer defense.  I think it's partly stick-work too.  You really can't move the stick at all, or you need to be really precise.  I prefer this META, but I agree, elite defenders commit too many errors. 

Comment by Fenian_1916
4/19/2019 10:33AM PDT

You have a valid point there... Very valid. But man, they have to turn that "error slider" down a bit. I don't care if Cruz or JD have "Canseco moments" but not elite defenders. 

4/19/2019 10:42AM PDT
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