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This post is intended for the strictly off line grinder. This is totally separate from online play and has nothing to do with it.

After watching the rollout for the 2nd Inning program in yesterday's stream, I came to the conclusion that SDS will more likely than not will not be adding any stat based missions or programs to the game this year. They have fully embraced the concept of Moments and are doing away with the program or arc type missions of years past.

These games are planned out months ahead of time, so the notion of adding stat missions on the fly seems far fetched. Remember last year the huge gap between the 1st half of career arcs and the 2nd half that introduced the remaining arcs and immortals? I would wager that they spent most of their time since the game released until that new content dropped simply working on the missions and all of the coding needed. So just saying they can easily create a new batch of stat based missions is not that simple.

I am not a programmer but it cannot be easy telling the game to add up X stat(s) by X type player(s) and once a certain numbers are hit reward the user with this certain card.

So I am sad to say the grind is gone, and I know that is what many gamers enjoyed about the game. Yes, I know inning 2 drops today, but I am not looking forward to another conquest map and some more moments. I find myself playing less and less everyday and that is something I never did last year or in 17.

There are some of you that love moments and I am truly happy for you, but the moment lovers seem to be in the minority based on what I see on this and other boards.

I know that I am not alone in saying that my interest and desire to play this once great game is waning everyday. 

The beauty of this game was that there was not one way to play the game, an offline grinder could get the same amount of enjoyment as an online player. And the guys that played both got the best of both worlds.

But with the patches supposedly ruining online play and the offline grind being gone, people will stop playing this game and that is not good for any of us.



4/19/2019 6:09AM PDT

I enjoy moments although I love challenges and obsess over completing them. I do that in any game. I use to trophy hunt but don't do it as much anymore, but I love the feeling when I finally complete something that may have taken me multiple tries.


Comment by CajunShooter
4/19/2019 7:46AM PDT

To me that is just frustrating and makes every failed try just as wasted time.


It also doesn't help that they nerfed power this year compared to 18. I can get plenty of hits at all levels but have trouble every time a moment requires a home run. It also doesn't help that Rookie and Veteran CPU are throwing less meatballs than your average player in an event. This is aside from multi game moments that involve getting RBIs when it is completely random if runners will be in scoring position (they don't purposly program it so they are there every time) or that Musial "get a run" moment that felt 90% out of my hands on if I would succeed.


If you are going to give me something that is "supposed to be challenging," I want Conquest Extreme-level rewards.

4/19/2019 8:01AM PDT
See original thread.