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I accept many players are better than me but it seriously baffles the f!ck out of me how some are able to get a bat on almost every pitch.

High, low, inside, outside. In the zone, on the edges/corners, or WAY outside the zone. It doesnt seem to matter for some. Foul, foul, foul, foul, foul, then a *** muscle for a hit or homerun.

Seriously, someone clue me in because this cant simply be a case of someone just being great at the game - if they were then they wouldnt be playing me lol

I really like this game but it's frustrating to deal with batting like this, random base running, and errors resulting from lag/game stuttering.

4/18/2019 8:01PM PDT

they aren't they are just swinging early and it's almost guarenteed to be a foul ball. That one of the many things that is really annoying about this years game, just foul off pitches with an early swing until you eventually get something to hit

4/18/2019 8:03PM PDT
See original thread.