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So they said on the stream today that there would be a diamond reward for whatever streamer's program is coming out. Something about the Mariners, and they said there is a diamond reward.

The didn't say diamond card, so I'm guessing it is those nameplates that you see in the universal profile menu. Can't remember if they are diamond or not, but that seems to make sense.


4/18/2019 4:17PM PDT

The reward will be Mario Mendoza.

Comment by two7offsuit
4/18/2019 4:23PM PDT

This kinda does make sense. I forgot we got cards (like the gold Harper) plus the nameplate. Guess I was trying to think what diamond card would even be possible. Edgar Martinez maybe, but I'm not counting on it.

Not a big deal, I just get curious when I hear diamond reward.

4/18/2019 4:33PM PDT
See original thread.