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I may have missed something in the forums, but just curious what is causing these market prices to be so low whether is some sort of macro effect of there being lots of decent cards available? It doesnt seem that way. Are there less players in the market? Are the collection rewards this year much lower than prior years? Are there just more diamond pulls this year than last year? Is there price fixing by SDS?

I just remmeber Trout being ~$400k for most of the year. Arenado be ing 150k, Scherzer, mookie being 100k. Then some legend cards sold in the range of 250-700k like it just feels like the rate of stub earnings is the same and if prices stay this way, everyone will have mays in no tim - which - may be by design, but I just didn't know if anyone had any actual data or information to back up these assertions

4/18/2019 2:43PM PDT

I think the market is going to climb since a lot of people are going to complete LS collections faster.

4/18/2019 3:00PM PDT
See original thread.