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When chris sale can go 3-3 off of bob gibson on pitches out of the zone we have a serious issue.  anything timing based only needs to be removed from online, they took out online lgs where you could monitor settings but this is terrible on DD with people that just swing at everything and with the randomness of pitching it just rewards them. 0-2 then here lets give em a meatball just because. aim in dirt and ball hangs at the knees. Requires no skill. That or make it a setting option. Its getting ridiculous. 

Also, why cant they have picking a pitcher the same as play now that way you dont pitch w the same pitcher nearly every time. only need 2 sp in roto for the most part. Lazy programming.

4/18/2019 1:06PM PDT

Pitchers rake because ppl contact swing with them and contact swings are straight singles...

4/18/2019 2:00PM PDT
See original thread.