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Ok. I do realize I asked about this in another thread, but I'm starting a new one instead of bumping that one because I feel it's become 'confusing', so here goes: 

Can someone, from SDS,  please answer the following: 

With the new Inning Program coming out tomorrow, the current one will still be active. 

Can you confirm that any progress from the missions that are listed in each programs itinerary will go towards only that program's progress. And any progress that is accomplished just by playing regular games (H2H, Conquest, Play vs Cpu, non program assigned Moments) will not only go towards the new program, but also count towards the older program(s)? 

IE: if I start the main Conquest map tomorrow and after completing it I accrued 200 stars. Will those 200 stars go towards my 2nd Inning Program's progress AND what's left of my 1st Inning Program's progress? 

4/18/2019 7:42AM PDT

There is a twitch stream today right? I am sure they will adress these questions. 

4/18/2019 8:13AM PDT
See original thread.