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Whats going on everyone?!

Quick question, outside of moments, collections and just playing RS/Events/BR, what ways have you all found to grab some quick XP?

I'm sitting at bronze 92 and I am dying to reach Silver 1 so I can take my first SS postion player.

I've completed a lot of teams and every collect 30 for every team. I haven't gotten into conquest yet outside of the first inning conquest map.

So my question is, have you guys found a good way to accumlate XP and quick? Thank you in advance!

4/18/2019 6:54AM PDT

Make sure you've done (probably have) stadiums, as many of the FB/Legend collections, stadium sounds, HR celebrations, created player, and all the other junk.

Comment by theu715
4/18/2019 7:18AM PDT

Oh wow, I did not even know that there were collections for those items.. thanks man! I havent looked to deep into collections beyond live series and FA.

I'll definitely check that out when I get home. Appreciate that!

4/18/2019 7:20AM PDT
See original thread.