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Whats going on everyone?!

Quick question, outside of moments, collections and just playing RS/Events/BR, what ways have you all found to grab some quick XP?

I'm sitting at bronze 92 and I am dying to reach Silver 1 so I can take my first SS postion player.

I've completed a lot of teams and every collect 30 for every team. I haven't gotten into conquest yet outside of the first inning conquest map.

So my question is, have you guys found a good way to accumlate XP and quick? Thank you in advance!

4/18/2019 6:54AM PDT

Without playing, doing all the different collection options. There are tons of collections you can do and get stubs and XP along the way. If you're really savy you can do it and barely lose stubs and sometimes make stubs in the process.

Comment by theu715
4/18/2019 10:08AM EDT

Yeah I've done a lot of the collect cards missions. I've completed the FA collection, the NL Central, and a lot of progress on all other teams.

So at this point, playing the game i.e. conquest and moments are my only options

Comment by doobiebross66-72
4/18/2019 10:12AM EDT

Make sure you've done (probably have) stadiums, as many of the FB/Legend collections, stadium sounds, HR celebrations, created player, and all the other junk.

Comment by theu715
4/18/2019 10:18AM EDT

Oh wow, I did not even know that there were collections for those items.. thanks man! I havent looked to deep into collections beyond live series and FA.

I'll definitely check that out when I get home. Appreciate that!

4/18/2019 7:20AM PDT
See original thread.