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Which diamonds have you guys pulled so far. Ripped around 150 packs and have pulled. I have been really lucky with packs this year 

trout, freeman, Miller, Rodney, Stanton, arenado, Scherzer, turner, Thor, Verlander, Gomez, Kershaw, Diaz 

4/18/2019 6:39AM PDT

I haven't spent a penny on stubs.  Got the pre order tho.  I've manged to pull: Scherzer, McCann, JD, Hader, Kluber, Catfish & Freeman. All of them came from random 1500 singles. 

Comment by EAisGarbage
4/18/2019 6:45AM PDT

I haven’t spent a dollar on stubs and I hit; trout, 2 vottos, McCann, 2 Phillips, Bryant, goldy, Chapman, hader, Stanton, Judge, diaz, 2 degroms, Syndergaard, Harper, and Jansen.  

I sold the goldy and Harper which I regret because now I really feel like all collections are def possible.  

Also one of the vottos was an after game reward.  And the Bryant was in the pack after a BR loss.  

4/18/2019 8:22AM PDT
See original thread.