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This is the only way SDS is going to get the message that cheating by their favored players is not acceptable. If anything a partner like Koogs should be held to an even higher standard than “normal” players, as he is effectively representing SDS and has been made a face of the game. Since any other “normal” player would have been banned had they been caught win boosting it seems only appropriate that the same punishment should apply here, plus (obviously) the removal of partner status. I can say quite firmly, that I will not be buying any more stubs until I find out if SDS responded in an appropriate manner to this admitted cheating. 

4/18/2019 3:54AM PDT

There are a lot of reasons why I won't buy stubs in this game. This particular excuse or reason does not even make my radar.

4/18/2019 8:36AM PDT
See original thread.