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Isn’t that supposed to be impossible to do? I bought the bundles so those 5 bundles also came with 5 ballin is a habit packs. Non of which contained a single diamond. I’m done spending money on this game 

4/17/2019 8:13PM PDT

You’d be better off buying a bunch of 20 pack bundles then a few diamonds you wanted.  Why blow it all on packs? What were you expecting to hit??? The best way to get packs is flipping for stubs and earning and playing etc.  but if you are throwing change into the the players don’t buy packs that’s just crazy 


think about it even if you hit a diamond right.  Most diamonds are going for 30k a 50 pack is double that. If you hit one diamond you don’t even get your stubs in return.  You’d have to hit Mookie Arenado trout or one of the big diamonds which is even rarer.  

4/17/2019 8:33PM PDT
See original thread.