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We all run into these guys - They use a lag switch right as the pitch is coming in to then get bombs. Then magically the lag goes away when it’s your turn to bat. Here’s video of it just happening again tonight. So tired of players like this - Just play the dam game the right way!

4/17/2019 7:51PM PDT

To be honest I don’t think that is the player cheating I’ve had this happen to me.  I think it’s game lag...and he’s seeing the ball on his end regular speed —- the contact and everything just gets lag spiked but I don’t believe it’s like he stopped the game and then homered it’s just that’s how you are seeing it.  Lag switching isn’t something going on in gaming in 2019 man.  That was like 06 it’s very hard for people to alter play when there are dedicated servers running the game.  Once you mess with your connection youll get disconnected and get a loss.  

4/17/2019 8:14PM PDT
See original thread.