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What I really feel like I need is some more pop in my lineup. Just kinda torn on who I should go for. I'm thinking to either replace either Alomar even though I hit just fine with him but no power and his D is money. Or Acuna which I also hit fine with him but his D has been kinda weak at times. I'm open to any other suggestions. I'm sitting on 65k

My line up is... 

C McCann

1st SS Thomas

2nd Gold Alomar

SS Ripken/Reyes

3rd Chipper

LF Acuna

CF Andruw Jones

RF Ichiro


4/17/2019 7:20PM PDT

Corey Seager LS is a good SS card imo.  Hits lefties too.  

4/17/2019 8:31PM PDT
See original thread.