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Figure it out.  Swing the bat and don’t be too picky if you’re  not getting results.  It’s a video game.  Find a way to be successful if you’re  so inclined to be.  

Obsessing on a forum will not make you better at the game. You and your opponent are playing the same game.

 “The Game Doesn’t Care”

- Words is wisdom from my college coach.

4/17/2019 5:35PM PDT

The point is, I’m not a bad hitter, that’s what I’m saying I’m literally getting 10+ hits a game but can’t score bcuz they’re all singles, the ball is going nowhere. I had like 2 homers with Frank Thomas thru 75 ab’s with him and I can’t tell you how many fly outs on the warning track. Every game I play now it’s the first one to 2 runs wins whereas before Monday I was playing in high scoring games and low scoring games, the game was realistic. Now it’s so unrealistically favoring the pitchers I just played a game where both starting pitchers were under 65 pitches thru 8 innings. 

Comment by fiestyflamingo1
4/17/2019 8:29PM PDT

Swing with power

4/17/2019 8:59PM PDT
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