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This year’s auction house is great. It’s wonderful being able to spend more time playing and less time working the market.  The people complaining are the same people that drove the card prices up every year. Now all cards are affordable. It’s wonderful. A lot of new legends this year, so there will be more cards than years past on there too. One part of the game this guy thinks they did right. Last year completing for Vlad was insane and took too much time away from me getting better. This year I will have Mays at some point and it’s not such a time sink.  So flipping is harder, so what. It’s still possible, the gains just aren’t as big. And now people can’t drive the market up so much. It’s literally perfect. 

4/17/2019 2:07PM PDT

I also really like how the market is constructed this year.  I haven’t spent any additional money in stubs, I flip cards when I can, and I should be able to get Mays within the next couple of weeks.

4/17/2019 2:10PM PDT
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