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I have some suggestions/wishlist items for offline DD, mostly conquest.

  1. Give me a reason to play home games. I have finished every conquest map and have not yet even seen my home uniforms. 
  2. In conquest Stadiums should be tied to their hex so that, by the end of the mode, I will have played in all 30 stadiums instead of playing 6 times in Yankee stadium because they took over all the east coast strongholds. there is nothing that says that I can't play the Yankees in Fenway.
  3. Refresh the Conquest map every time you do a new ranked season. Give a new diamond reward. Reset the map with the random stub, xp and pack rewards. A 10 pack bundle on it's own is not bringing me back. 
  4. Make Conquest events, where, similar to actual events, we are limited in our roster make up. It gives us a reason to use the extra roster slots and maybe entice players to acquire a more diverse card collection.  

I am sure I am forgetting a couple that I have thought of over the years. 

I finished the 1st inning program (well, the first 300 points) almost entirely by playing the conquest maps. With no enticing reason to replay an existing map, I wonder if I will be able to finsih the 2nd inning program? I can either replay conquest for little to no reward or grind CPU games simply for the sake of grinding (which I will grow quickly tired of). I don't mind grinding if it organically happens as I am trying to acheive some other goal but I refuse to play game after game just for the grind itself. 

4/17/2019 12:38PM PDT

I like these ideas. I do applaud them for introducing new maps all the time.

4/17/2019 1:15PM PDT
See original thread.