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What do you guys think of hitting this year? 

Personally i think they nerfed power way too damn much. Homers feel like random accident. all squared up hits are either doubles into the gap or liners that stay up for too long only to be caught by an average outfielder. Also I think people are being rewarded way too much for bad contact. Way too many bloop hits from people when they are jammed and people just stack their lineups with speed guys so they try to stretch those bloops into doubles smh.

In my opinion SDS missed for the third staright year in a row with hitting. If they would bring back the hitting mechanics from 16 and just toned down opposite filed power I think the game would be in much better shape. 

4/17/2019 11:06AM PDT

There are more late hits then good timed hits.  Changing that around will greatly improve this game.  It seems small but it’s really really big.  

4/17/2019 11:58AM PDT
See original thread.