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Are we certain this one doesn’t expire? I’m sure most of you on here completed it a long time ago but I just this year decided to play online and am at 9 wins. I’ll need this to reach 300 program stars.

It’s been a mixed bag. Have had a lot of fun, but seems like whenever I play at night, halfway through the game hitting becomes impossible. Don’t know how to explain it-doesn’t seem laggy when pitching, but I could swing as a fastball leaves the pitchers hand and I’m still too late. Pretty sure it’s affecting my opponents too.

I’d rather wait to play online more until this gets fixed, or play at off times (hard to do during the week)

4/17/2019 10:27AM PDT

AFAIK, there is nothing besides events this year that expires. The only thing will change when the 1st inning ends and the 2nd inning begins is that your dailies and such will now apply the the 2nd inning instead of the 1st inning.

4/17/2019 10:32AM PDT
See original thread.