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anyone use Stanton in the 700-900 RS? Is he viable 

also I pulled trout yesterday but tempted to sell. What would y’all do with trout. Any input to how I can improve the squad. Every time I get to 720-730 I lose and go back to high 600’s






andruw jones



justin turner  


rotation: degrom, Thor, snell, ls Kershaw, cliff lee 

4/17/2019 7:01AM PDT

I'm in WS (913) and Stanton has not been a part of my lineup from 700+. His zone is massize and the increase pitch speed just had me striking out or hitting soft grounders. That being said I keep him on my bench for times when my apponents pitch location is super predictable with high and in fastballs. I will just sit there and wait for it, won more than a few games with him hitting homers off the bench. I got Trout after I made WS so I havnt tried him on HoF difficulty against rl opponent yet. 

Comment by II_EGGY_II
4/17/2019 11:28AM PDT

He comes off my bench too 

4/17/2019 12:02PM PDT
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