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The past 2 days on the market have been the worst I have seen this early in the game.  I doing well up to yesterday.  Whats hurting it?  Too many available orders, market average, or sell now price being the basement?  Whats your thoughts?

4/16/2019 8:19PM PDT

That is what is driving me crazy! The extreme under cutting to the point ur actually losing makes absolutely no sense for anyone to do it unless you are trying to be a giant douche

Comment by Crono304
4/17/2019 1:33PM PDT

I think a lot of people have lost stubs over the last few days. So many cards fell over the last few days. You can see tiers where guys are waiting/hoping the price gets back up to a certain point just so they don't lose stubs...and once it does there's like 15 people trying to unload their cards and the price plummets again. I think many prices are artificially held high right now by the flippers...and prices will probably drop pretty quick. I'm so glad I completed collections earlier this week, the market has been tough especially the last week or so.

4/17/2019 1:44PM PDT
See original thread.