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Now I know Daily Missions go towards the 'active' Program. But what about the Program Stars we get for Moments and regular gameplay. 

IE: Topps Now. If I don't complete these by Friday, do they automatically move over to the new Inning Program?

And Conquest games. If you get 2 Program Stars per Conquest game, and I play a Conquest game this Sat. Will I get 2 stars towards the 2nd AND 1st Inning Program?

4/16/2019 5:18PM PDT

I think the only thing that will contribute to the first inning program after the second inning starts, are the specific 1st inning moments, and it wouldn’t include any extra star you got for doing that moment. So if you have a 5 star 1st inning moment, and you complete it, chances are you get the 5 stars for that but any additional stars from playing or XP would go towards the second. 

If you fear you won’t finish I believe they said they’re adding one more set of first inning moments, and those would probably bring the total to equal 300 stars so you can get the player choice whenever you start, even if you buy the game late. But that’s if you wanna take SDS word, it could easily equal 225 and need 75 more from collecting 10 special edition cards. That would still technically be “enough to complete whenever you buy” 

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4/16/2019 5:38PM PDT


4/18/2019 6:02AM PDT
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