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I'm 41-28 online. I get matched up with a guy who is 14-54. I chit you not he swung and got a hit on my first 5 pitches. One home run. Had he not messed up on the bases he would've cleared them. Only two of those pitches we're strikes. 


I pause the game and ask if he is using directional. He says no. Zone. I said how are you touching everything I throw. He said I don't know. 


He told me that his record was so bad because he rage quits. He also said he was 12. Then it dawned on me.....


They reward bad players in this game as if they are children. Swing at everything. Don't throw strikes. Quit whenever. And we'll still throw you a bone. 


This game is a joke. This scenario is the definition of DDA. 

4/16/2019 2:30PM PDT

The best team doesn’t win every game. 


If a team swung at pitches out of the zone all game long then they more than likely would go 0-162. 


If this game were too realistic then only some would be able to enjoy it. If that were the case then the budget given to SDS or any game developer would be far less than what it was for this game, I’m sure.

You want a better game? Go make it. I’m sure you could get some of The Show’s customers and maybe a handful from RBI. Good luck getting MLB licensing. Be sure and link us.  

4/16/2019 3:46PM PDT
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