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need help guys out of the picture is Murray I can’t hit with him at all not even against computer same with Padres rewards Gonzalez so help please 

4/15/2019 6:04PM PDT

Well those are the only two I would have recommended...

4/15/2019 6:05PM PDT

Freeman is a great 1st baseman for me.

4/15/2019 6:07PM PDT

Try Rays Affinity for gold Crime Dog if you like his swing go for the diamond from braves ? 

I use Mattingly right now and I have no regrets. 

4/15/2019 6:15PM PDT

Stick with Murray. I’m sure you haven’t even used him much 

4/15/2019 6:26PM PDT

I'm having great success with conquest Keith Hernandez. It's still a small sample size but I'm hitting .383 in 60 AB. No fingers but he gets on base and moves runners for me. Not bad for a free card and it has me questioning whether I want to do the Braves affinity for McGriff as I had intended to do.

4/15/2019 6:37PM PDT

If 92 Bautista isn't too expensive for you, that's the direction I've gone with so far.

4/15/2019 6:40PM PDT

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