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does anyone have any tips on the collections for team affinity? I’m trying to get Jose Reyes I’m now down to 5k stubs. But I’m willing to sell Syndergaard for 23k

4/15/2019 4:54PM PDT

I’m working on Reyes, have been for a good while (innings grind) is he? I hope he’s worth it lol. 

Also, how is Lester??

Comment by KanesInferno
4/15/2019 6:15PM PDT

My use has been only against CPU, but I love Reyes. Perfect leadoff hitter. Lots of singles with occasional doubles. Good defense, great speed and a switch hitter. With the way the game works this year, he's pretty ideal.

Can't say too much about Lester. I haven't had him picked too much yet. Still has that big curveball, cutter, sinker.

4/15/2019 6:18PM PDT
See original thread.