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Its okay, your name is just fine Mr. Chuck.  The other one is so offensive, it's gross.  Makes me feel super uncomfortable.

Comment by Azeel_27
4/15/2019 12:07PM PDT

Are you serious right now? How old are you? Like others have said, if it really does “offend” you and “make you uncomfortable,” just block him and move on with your life. God damn you are a sensitive little guy.

4/15/2019 4:30PM PDT



What a joke! You sir, have entirely too much time on your hand a far too delicate sensibilities.

4/15/2019 5:59PM PDT

It's 2019.  Getting offended by something on the internet is soooooooooo 2018, let's just pretend to be offended by something instead so we can have our special little place under the sun.

4/15/2019 6:46PM PDT

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