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Idk what it is. I mean, the game isn't perfect but it is better than last year. For whatever reason though, I just don't feel the itch to play as much as I have in years past. Maybe it's just time for me to move on from MLB because I just don't get as excited to play anymore. Anyone else feel this way?

4/15/2019 10:56AM PDT

I miss the grind. Not the 18 grind, but the 16 and 17 grinds. I was starting to get bored with playing vs. CPU, so I started messing around with Conquest, and I'm finding that drive to play again. Maybe that'll go away once I finish the mountain peaks map (I finished the classic map and Jackie Robinson map today).

Perhaps I've hit a bit of a lull until the 2nd Inning program comes out, and I'll get excited again.

4/15/2019 2:03PM PDT
See original thread.