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Idk what it is. I mean, the game isn't perfect but it is better than last year. For whatever reason though, I just don't feel the itch to play as much as I have in years past. Maybe it's just time for me to move on from MLB because I just don't get as excited to play anymore. Anyone else feel this way?

4/15/2019 10:56AM PDT

Yes, I am feeling the same. There is something just overall frustrating about the game.

18: You can grind anytime you wanted and just relax and be achieving things. The people complained about the "hours in a row on Rookie at Coors doing hit and quit" chose to do it that way and chose to do it all at once. I did it more slowly and had fun chaning up my squad depending on what I was trying to do and always making some progress at something.


19: First, all of the hits means it's just frustrating/not as fun overall that it seems like so random on whether all those hits turn into runs. Plus people are also getting hits on the most random stuff and it's harder than ever to just pitch well. Then there are Moments that are all of the annoying single game grind missions combined into one. You can literally spend hours doing the same moment and not achieve it which each failed mission making no difference in completing the next one. Then you finally do and the rewards are so minimal. When i finished the long grinds in 18, I had a really good diamond that was better or equal to any live series card in the game. Now after I spend hours on the Bryce Harper moments (even if you finished them all first try it still would take quite some time) I get... Gold Bryce Harper that might make my bench. Or in the other ones you get what, a couple hundred stubs for your troubles? But even if the rewards were as good as they should be, I don't think anybody considers those Moments to be "fun" until the difficulty gets easier.


On the other hand, RTTS got a lot better so at least I can do that when I get pissed off too much.

4/15/2019 11:47AM PDT
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