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I knew they weren’t gonna let everyone hit .400 and .300 like the first few days after launch. 

But they nerfed and neutered the game too quick imo.

Comment by DomeBay33
4/15/2019 8:54AM PDT

Averages are always higher at the start of a season (unless you are Chris Davis of course). I mean there are still some Mariners hitting .400 or .375 and we are nearly 20 games in.

I would way rather hit .300 and have an ERA of 3 than hit .175 and have an ERA of 0.7.

I realize this is supposed to be a sim but I think trying to make the game Uber realistic just makes it less and less playable.

Comment by halfbutt
4/15/2019 9:18AM PDT

But hitting .300 is the sign of a great hitter... That's not a designation everyone is entitled to (online)

Comment by nasty6669
4/15/2019 4:31PM PDT

I don’t disagree with you, but it seems kind of extreme at the moment, like in 18. I’m not expecting to hit .300 as an average player, but I’d be fine with a solid .260 team average considering the number of hard hit outs which occur.

4/15/2019 5:06PM PDT

There hasn't been any mention of them tweaking late hits in any patch notes, they just mentioned they were aware of the problem in the last stream. There has not been a release of any major gameplay patch in this game yet.

4/15/2019 5:55PM PDT

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