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So... I think I’ve debunked the mysterious exit velocity theory on HoF difficulty and above. I remember SDS saying in a stream that depending on where the ball is in the zone, among other factors (9s, pitch type, confidence, etc), that the hit types were going to be vastly different. Well after adjusting my hitting approach and remembering this, I kept close tabs on exit velocities and pci/placement/pitch/where the ball was in the zone. Any pitch thrown in the middle of the plate that I put a good swing on had 100+ mph exit velocities consistently. The pitches on the corners (aside from pitches up) were consistently at lower exit velos and more likely to be hard ground outs/lineouts.


Im pretty sure SDS did this intentionally, and it makes sense, but then it gets a little scary if someone can pitch well and keep the ball out of the middle of the plate. Maybe that’s why sometimes even with ideal timing on meter/analog that pitches drift in the middle of the plate?


That’s what I’ve been seeing now that I’ve paid close attention to it. 



4/14/2019 8:03PM PDT

You’re rewarderd sometimes. I’ve hit a few homeruns on balls down and in. I think if you can hit it early in the gsme/pitchers outing you have a better result than if their confidence level is up. I had quite a few line drives for singles on balls down and in when I was testing out my hypothesis

Comment by Harryhukari33
4/14/2019 8:14PM PDT

I disagree with the whole confidences thing having an effect in the game. You can pitch 5 good innings and then get lite up in the 6th or are can get lite up right at the start of the game IRL but in MLB if you can't get anything started in the first 5 innings then you basically have to wait until they pull their pitcher because you aren't going to hit anything all game. Same with the beginning of the game if my opponent gets 2 runs right off the bat it makes my pitcher completely useless while in IRL that pitcher could still go 6/7 innings even with a bad start

4/14/2019 8:20PM PDT
See original thread.