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I see a ton of people complain about late swings leading to hits or early swings leading to hits and squared up contact resulting in outs but here’s the deal.  This game seems ultra realistic in the sense that you can win without the long balls. For instance, a real life situation.  Luis Gonzalez in 2001 got jammed on a cutter, and he’s a World Series hero for making poor contact and putting it in the right place.  Second example: Gary Sanchez, game four of the 2018 alds.  Gary got slightly under an offspeed pitch and came within feet of a 3 run walk off to send it to a decisive game 5.  Example 3:  David freese game 6 2011 World Series.  He swings late and hits a game tying triple with his team down to the last strike.  I know I’m going to get shredded in the comments, and I don’t care about that so go ahead, but I’m saying that in real life, hard contact and squaring balls up doesn’t always reward you.  Now, if you do wanna complain, complain about someone hitting a change up in the dirt for a extra bases.  That’s not real.  

4/13/2019 9:54PM PDT

Love my squared out 96MPH lineouts everytime. It's ultra realistic right lol. In the MLB those are often HRs are at least hard singles

THIS IS A VIDEO GAME IF I WANTED THE RANDOM *** I SHOULD GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY BASEBALL. the better players should be rewarded for being better it's that simple I don't want to play joe blow who has no idea how to square up pitches and lose because he is getting lucky with random bloop singles. I want to feel rewarded for being the better player. This years games is exactly like last years game now you can't simply be a better player and win games it's up to the Computers random as programming to decide if it wants to reward you or not.

4/13/2019 10:32PM PDT
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