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Ok, let’s think about this for a second. No need to mention RS level, AVG, or Records....

They (SDS) have claimed there’s no scripting in the game, so I need some clarification on why certain things happen. 


Perfect release pitches intended for a certain location end up being a pitch perfect for being crushed. 

Errors, always seem to happen at the wrong time setting up a rally/comeback. 

Fielding, I’ve had problems with my fielders absolutely refusing to apply a tag or throw to a base. 

These 3 things I notice every single game and my question, if there’s no scripting, what is making these things happen? Just look at all the comments from others regarding this topic, it’s not a coincidence or my skill level. Does my skill level make these things happen, no, it’s the game deciding on its own to let them happen. 

Why? That’s baseball right, like some like to say. So let’s see here, these things happen IRL and we are playing a Sim baseball game (kinda) so is it any wonder that the game would let these things happen that you have no control of? If it’s not scripting, then what is it? 

At this point I couldn’t care less about winning/losing because every game seems like a battle against the computer and what it decides to let happen. I’ve won games I should have lost and vice versa due to something that neither me or my opponent had control of. 


4/13/2019 4:49PM PDT

You’re right. There is scripting involved. The reason I, along with others are always at the top of the leaderboards is because we all bribed SDS to give us better scripts than the rest of you. 

Comment by Nash_Bandicoot19
4/14/2019 5:30AM PDT

People don’t realize consistently good user input overcomes the uncontrollables in this game.  

Line outs on squared up balls are more glaring to the average player because they don’t square up often.  Etc. etc. 


4/14/2019 6:29AM PDT
See original thread.