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Seeing a lot of new names on here and everything I read is negative. If you don’t like the game go back to 18. 19 is a ton better than 18. Players spend money to have great players, you’re going to lose games, players will make silly errors, there will be bloop hits and you’re not always going to hit your spot. All these things happen to me as well. In the end you have to score runs, hitting to me is much easier on this game. Am I great? No. I’m hitting .310 or something like that online, would love to see the salt and toxicity levels decrease in these post. Don’t @ me. Just tired of seeing it, especially from players struggling to get out or PR.

4/13/2019 7:29AM PDT

I miss all of the “stat quoters” and game detectives this year. 

4/13/2019 10:35AM PDT
See original thread.