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Please stop spending time creating Moments, they're awful. It's a good idea but they're not fun, they're pointlessly hard, and they're designed to make us fail them over and over (you even admitted this). I appreciate the respect you have for historic moments in baseball but this isn't how you show it and also make a fun game. Focus on giving us Programs, new Conquest maps, more frequent events, etc.

To my fellow players:

Please stop playing Moments. You know they're tracking everything and if we keep complaining about them while also playing them they won't take the complaints seriously. Let's show them they're just wasting their time on this pointless exercise. 

I know I'm probably just screaming into the void but i had to get this off my chest. I tried to give them a chance but I'm done throwing my time away.

4/12/2019 4:57PM PDT

I've kinda warmed to them. Especially the Topps Now moments. Looking forward to seeing who the reward card(s) is for them.

I can see both sides, but I like them a lot more now than I did at launch.

4/12/2019 6:34PM PDT
See original thread.