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Until someone in real life does something that is basically impossible to replicate, I am in love with Topps Now.  The moments are super fun and not grindy like some of the storyline moments.  If you haven’t play the new Topps Now moment as the Yankees against the O’s.  Every Yankee has juiced stats and its so fun.  Plus, every moment you complete earns you a better chance at a Topps Now card at the end of the month.  It looks like they are able to pull this off as a weekly thing and I am hyped for that.

4/12/2019 4:03PM PDT

These Topps Moments have really made me enjoy the mode. They don't seem impossible, and they are fun. I look forward to having these all year, should be some pretty interesting cards come out of it.

I kinda hope they do something like exchange 15 vouchers for an 87 OVR card, exchange 20 for a 91 OVR card, Still, even if it is for packs that is fine, very fun mode.

4/13/2019 4:10PM PDT
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