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are the new headliners.,pretty sweet. 

Sds continues to kill it imo 

4/12/2019 12:06PM PDT

Murray was probably my favorite card last year. I'm a terrible hitter, I'm the first to adimt that, but Murray was one player I could always have good ABs with. I've always liked Dawson as a player, he was winding down when I got into baseball but just love the way he played the game. Seems like he should be better known. Had the Expos card last year, 

So I picked both up. Murray will be at 1B for quite awhile, but I do have a logjam in the OF. SS Gwynn will play RF, gotta keep Andruw in CF, that leaves LF for Dawson, Edmonds or Buhner. Will try Dawson first in LF, very happy we are getting so many cards this early.

4/13/2019 3:13PM PDT
See original thread.