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So basically I had 0 outs and he had bases loaded, this game is around a 800 rating game and we were both going back and forth scoring. He ends up attempting a bunt with 2 strikes like an idiot and striking out, but the game rewards him a free run because he was stealing home and it instantly took me to the opponent main menu page while he scored. I am not sure if he knew this would happen or he's just dumb and tried to bunt, either way this game strikes again with some dumb *** ***.

4/12/2019 1:19AM PDT

My bad, thought there were two outs and inning was over. Watched the clip about an hour before I responded, and I clearly didn't see the first sentence in the OP. Yeah you're right. :)

4/12/2019 5:04AM PDT
See original thread.