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So basically I had 0 outs and he had bases loaded, this game is around a 800 rating game and we were both going back and forth scoring. He ends up attempting a bunt with 2 strikes like an idiot and striking out, but the game rewards him a free run because he was stealing home and it instantly took me to the opponent main menu page while he scored. I am not sure if he knew this would happen or he's just dumb and tried to bunt, either way this game strikes again with some dumb *** ***.

4/12/2019 1:19AM PDT

You need to recreate it for a bug report. Sometimes stupid stuff happens in peer to peer situations. 

If it can be duplicated, a bunch of us will do the same and help get it fixed.

I'll try to recreate for you this morning with my fellow Show Generations guys.

I had a guy start the runners with two strikes on me last night in RS. He had Miami Miguel Cabrera at the plate and bunted with two strikes. He did get the bunt down though. I found it super cheesy and dismissed it as amateur hour game play tactics.

Due to the location of you consistently throwing up and in, it's possible that the ball got away from the catcher allowing two runners to score. Batter is not eligible to go to first since the base is occupied. All of this happened in the game mechanics background but didn't execute the annimations.

It's very possible that it's merely an annimation missing in the code script.

Comment by hoboadam
4/12/2019 2:56AM PDT

I haven’t consulted the rules but with two outs the batter is allowed to advance even if first is occupado.  I think. Which would mean if it were a wild one the inning would continue.

Also if the two out dropped third strike rule above didn’t apply, then the third out occurred before the runs were scored and therefore no runs.

If either of the above is correct this is definitely a bug. It’s a bug anyway but a rule breaking bug.

4/12/2019 4:20AM PDT
See original thread.