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This comment has been deleted.
4/11/2019 8:01PM PDT

Whatever happened to the ignore function on these forums? There are so many people I’d like to add to my ignore list this year.

Comment by MadderBumgarner
4/12/2019 1:19PM AEST

Click on your user icon in the top right-hand part of the forum. Go to control panel and you will find the ignore list there.

Comment by xxfireflyxx69
4/12/2019 1:28PM AEST

Thanks, but I meant adding new people to that list : )

Comment by MadderBumgarner
4/12/2019 1:36PM AEST

Since I don't use it, I didn't realise that it was useless for adding new names. Sorry about that. :)

4/11/2019 8:38PM PDT
See original thread.