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He's way too overpowered for a card in a April. You would have to have a lineup full of Signatures to have a chance.


What were they thinking. Allow this guy to be picked when you reach Diamond or something. He's way out of anyone's league with the amount of batters available so far. 

He's a guarantee win. 

End game card in April. I don't understand what they were thinking. 

4/10/2019 8:57PM PDT

I'm down. I made WS, and I've made it every year in the last few years.

Like I'm not trying to be cocky, I'm fairly good at this game. That Kershaw is just ridiculous. 

Comment by jeandeleon15
4/10/2019 9:53PM PDT

No doubt is ur username ur PSN also I’ll send you a friend request. 

Also, Let’s Go Yankees !!

Comment by Liljayne300
4/10/2019 9:55PM PDT

Yeah it is, send me a friend request. I'm playing right now, but we can play one one tomorrow of after this one 

Comment by jeandeleon15
4/10/2019 9:59PM PDT

Make sure you remove your CAP, Jane hates playing against CAP’s

4/11/2019 2:17PM PDT
See original thread.