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Im seeing a lot of threads saying hitting needs to be fixed.  All I’m saying is be careful what you wish for.  Remember in ‘17 when everything was a HR.  Most games boiled down to who hit the most HRs.  In its own way, I guess it was fun to hit a lot of bombs.  But didn’t feel right to me.  Just never loved how dominating power hitters were.

In ‘19 I really love the mix.  Contact hitters have much more relevance.  And HRs are harder to come by, but you can still hit plenty if you wait for pitches in the zone.  Hitting is the best it’s ever been online.  For me, it’s not even close.  ‘19 is a perfect balance between contact and power.  I don’t want all of these threads to convince SDS to boost power and destroy the balance they’ve worked hard to create.

Worst case, maybe make rookie and veteran offline a little easier.  Maybe that would appease the masses.  But for the love of god, do not change the higher levels or online.  Please SDS, don’t mess up a good thing.

4/10/2019 7:10AM PDT

It’s never going to be perfect for all.  That is an impossible task.  I honestly am not seeing too many line drives at people.  I mean it happens but not at a rate that warrants changes to be made.  All I’m saying is we finally have a pretty realistic hitting engine that doesn’t leave me feeling cheated on the mound or in the batters box.  I just don’t want that to be altered.  

I have the feeling if they tweak the power, it’s going to screw it up.  Whether it renders the contact hitters useless again or leads to inaccurate feedback like last year.  I would prefer to just keep it the way it is.  If there was a way to guarantee 2-3% more power without changing anything else, that would be OK.  But I just don’t think that is the way it will go.  Whenever they make changes on the fly, it has impact on more than just one aspect of hitting.  And usually not for the better.

Comment by thesmokeshow6
4/10/2019 7:22AM PDT

I think that your weariness stems from 18, the gameplay in 18, and the terrible patches released last year.

I agree, hitting will never be perfect....but SDS has a job to get as close as possible and I think this year can get closer to perfection if they give power hitters the pop they deserve.

I'm curious; regarding you saying you haven't experienced many lineouts, what level/difficulty have you made it to in RS? As stated above, I think All Star plays phenomenal and should not be touched. But on HOF and Legend, hitting is miserable, there is no power, and 90% of squared up, good swings are lineouts. It is certainly happening at a rate that warrants change, I mean look at all the threads/comments saying the same thing.

In a nutshell, I hope they can simply increase exit velos for power players and only touch that without impacting contact cant be that hard to simply increase exit velos right?

4/10/2019 7:30AM PDT
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