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Im seeing a lot of threads saying hitting needs to be fixed.  All I’m saying is be careful what you wish for.  Remember in ‘17 when everything was a HR.  Most games boiled down to who hit the most HRs.  In its own way, I guess it was fun to hit a lot of bombs.  But didn’t feel right to me.  Just never loved how dominating power hitters were.

In ‘19 I really love the mix.  Contact hitters have much more relevance.  And HRs are harder to come by, but you can still hit plenty if you wait for pitches in the zone.  Hitting is the best it’s ever been online.  For me, it’s not even close.  ‘19 is a perfect balance between contact and power.  I don’t want all of these threads to convince SDS to boost power and destroy the balance they’ve worked hard to create.

Worst case, maybe make rookie and veteran offline a little easier.  Maybe that would appease the masses.  But for the love of god, do not change the higher levels or online.  Please SDS, don’t mess up a good thing.

4/10/2019 7:10AM PDT

I totally appreciate your concern and respect it. I also am weary about SDS over-tweaking hitting and causing more trouble than harm.

Can you not agree that the incessant lineouts are a problem? And not realistic at all? 

Also, online hitting is rewarding late/jammed hits and early bloopers more than squared up swings......this has to be fixed.

I'm with you; even in its current state, online hitting this year is much better than in 18. But does it still need fixing? Certainly. With how much more difficult it is to square up a pitch this year, we must be rewarded accordingly and that simply is not happening in online play right now

4/10/2019 7:16AM PDT
See original thread.