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Before I get to my point I want to first say that online hitting this year is so much better than it was in 18.

For the most part, hitting is pretty good. However, one thing that MUST be fixed soon is the incessant lineouts. 

You know there is an issue in online hitting when good/good, or good/squared up is not as effective at producing base hits versus getting jammed and getting a bloop single. Being late and getting jammed is consistently producing more base hits than squaring up a ball. How backwards does that sound?!

I cant help but feeling that same RNG aspect to hitting this year that I felt last year. With pitch speeds increasing and PCIs being very small in DS and up in RS, it is infuriating when you do square up a pitch only to have it produce line outs and warning track shots.

Which leads me to my next point about online hitting; Give power hitters their power back!! I'm starting to worry that SDS making HR/9 no longer a sim stat, is really effecting online hitting and in a negative way. I played 4 RS games last night and had numerous squared up fastballs and breaking balls that would either die on the track or would be a bullet to an OF.

I love the challenge of the game this year. But If the game is going to be this challenging, you MUST reward great PCI placement and timing....Because that isn't currently happening in online play.

4/10/2019 6:04AM PDT

I don’t understand their statement in the streams about timing meaning more than PCI placement either.  

They talked about different avenues to be a good hitter etc.  

I don’t see this at all in this game. 

4/10/2019 6:17AM PDT
See original thread.