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I guess I won't be getting Mays, Rodriguez, or Hornsby this year cuz SDS has a stranglehold on the market this year and won't let the community set our own prices.  You could do some pretty creative flipping the first week but that was when ppl were buying up cards every 2 seconds.  There is literally no way to make stubs now.  We all hated the obnoxious souvenir exchanges last year but thats a big part of how I got Vlad.  And by the way if cards are going to be cheaper why are packs more expensive??  A 50 pack is now 75k lol so even if by some miracle you do pull a diamond the only card you can actually make a profit on is Trout.  Good luck with that lol.  And don't tell me how pack odds are supposedly better this year cuz I sure haven't seen it.  I open 60 packs launch night and got 2 golds thats it.  I wouldn't be surprised if the ppl saying packs are "lit" this year are actually guys working for SDS.  So we were actually better off when card prices were sky high cuz then you could sell them when you pulled them and make a huge profit.  Cards are cheaper this year obviously but the only way to get the top cards is to pay for them which wasnt the case last year.  I don't know about you guys but I liked it much better when WE controlled the market.  But with no way to make stubs now you gotta buy all your cards so they're making more money than ever which is the most important thing, right??  Lol

4/9/2019 11:51AM PDT

Today has been real slow but I've been getting 20k a day over the last week on small stuff. Not big sexy flips but getting the job done. Today I'm up 5k but been real busy at work today too.

4/9/2019 12:18PM PDT
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